We aim to make the process of buying your 19 inch rack and accessories as easy as 1, 2, 3 – We’ve put our years of experience into selecting our products to make choosing a rack easier for you.

Looking for a Home Battery Rack?

Choose from Pylontech battery rack bundles (compatible with other brands) that will give you some extra space for home CCTV, your Internet Router and Switch. Or choose a base home battery rack bundle and select the number of support rails for the number of batteries you need.

With 470mm of usable internal rack depth please check compatibility with your batteries first.

We offer a range 600mm deep floor standing, sturdy rack options with extra heavy duty castors, underside supports, and fixing bolts.

Click here to see our PDU Buyer’s Guide!

800mm deep Wall Racks for ‘Connect the Classroom’

The Connect the Classroom scheme is a Department for Education (DfE) program offering funding for eligible schools to make their wireless network infrastructure much more reliable. Upgrading the overal network will help students benefit from fast and reliable Internet access to improve their learning experience.

Much of the kit used will require a comms rack around 800mm deep. Much of the kit being upgraded is already in wall mounted racks. To utilise existing cables and keep the upgrade cost as low as possible, it makes sense to replace just the rack. Browse from our 800mm deep 19-inch wall racks available – and remember, always use the best wall fixings available and use brackets to support them from underneath!

Use the Product categories to find:
1. The 19 inch Rack you need;
2. Rack Accessories for your setup;
3. Cat5 / Cat6 cabling to go with it.

And of course, if you have any problem choosing just pop us an email or call us today.

I’m new to Racks – anything I need to know?

You buy a rack based on the number of U’s you need. What is a U? Well, a 9u rack will be able to hold 9x pieces of 1u kit. To give you an idea, most rack mount switches take 1u of rackable space, as do 24 port patch panels, and horizontal PDUs. So be sure to order a rack big enough for your requirements now and for the future.

NOTE: Because of the large nature of these items the cost of returns is high. Therefore, please be sure to order exactly the size of enclosure and accessories you need. Also be sure that you can move large racks from their roadside delivery location to their installation location – you will want to make sure all doorways and any stairwells are wide enough, and that you have the muscle available on the day!

If you have any questions just pop us an email or call us today.