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  • EL Entry Level

    The entry level wall mount rack offers a low cost and great value solution to your networking needs. These are available in 6u, 9u, 12u, 15u, 18u, and 21u at up to 550mm deep.

    Within each product's page you will see its external height listed as well as its other features.

  • FP - Flat Packed

    Flat-pack wall mount rack cabinets from the CAB-WFP55 Series racks introduced to the UK from LMS Data in Q4 of 2018

    The new range of LMS Data CAB-WFP55 Series wall enclosures come in a regular depth of 450mm, ideal for rackmount devices like Switches, PBX or other extra equipment you need for your installation.

    Available from stock in three popular sizes: 6U, 9U and 12U, the enclosures enjoy the same high build quality and features seen on the rest of the LMS Data wall enclosure range but with the added option of being flat packed  straight from our factory.

    Ideal for transporting to a customer or installation site when space is at a premium.

    Full assembly instructions and fixings are supplied together with keys for the lockable front toughened safety glass door.


    19-inch wall mounted data enclosure
    Quality alloy finish, black powder coated
    Robust mounting options - 450mm depth
    Toughened safety glass and removable (not lockable) side panels

  • Allrack wall cabs

    Technical Specification

    Description: Industry standard design 19” wall mount data cabinets.

    • 1.2mm mild steel construction.
    • Toughened glass panel in steel framework door.

    Smooth finish light grey / black

    Dimensions: All cabinets are 600mm wide, in the following sizes:

    Cabinet U / Cabinet Depth 6u 9u 12u 15u 18u 21u Usable depth
    450mm deep 363mm high 496mm high 630mm high 763mm high N/A N/A 355mm
    550mm deep 363mm high 496mm high 630mm high 763mm high 896mm high N/A 465mm
    600mm deep 363mm high 496mm high 630mm high 763mm high N/A 1029mm high 515mm

    Racks: Supplied with depth adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry standard 19’’ patch panels, switches and other equipment.

    Doors: Lockable, removable glazed front door. Lockable and removable steel side panels.

    Ventilation: Side panels vented. The roof has a cut-out for 2 fan units to be mounted directly. (Not supplied)

    Cable Entry: Cable access points on the lid and base of cabinet.

    Static Weight Load: 60kg (with suitable wall fixings)

  • Orion Heavy Duty

    Manufactured in the UK, with typical lead times of 3-5 days, Orion wall racks are made to order right here in the UK to an excellent standard. Remember - the rack is only as strong as its wall fixing, so be sure to use the correct fixings as advised by a tradesperson.

    Orion Wall Mount Cabinets are designed to be quick and easy to install whilst being sturdy and of a smart appearance.

  • Orion Quiet Acoustic

    Orion Acoustic Racks provide a cost effective solution for housing noisy servers and network equipment within an office environment. All of our Acoustic Cabinets have been independently tested, and on Psycho-acoustics came out best against others of a similar type.

    Maximum internal usable depth on these cabinets is 500mm.

    • Orion Acoustic Racks can offer up to 95% noise reduction
    • Powder coated black as standard
    • Unique IP54 air inlet
    • Suits all 19" rack mount equipment
    • 4 x adjustable mounting profiles
    • 1 x fan included in the Acoustic Wall Cabinets as standard
    • Bespoke options available - such as extra fans for increased thermal dissipation.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items